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Noctua Review, the graduate literary publication of Southern Connecticut State University (SCSU), will be open for submissions from September 1, 2017 to December 31, 2017.

We are currently open for submissions.

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2018 Theme: Instinct

 Moving with the heart, not the head. Trusting ourselves. Pushing away the voices in our minds calling out you can’t or it won’t work or be sensible. Sometimes, we can’t be sensible. Sometimes, we just have to jump off the cliff, telling ourselves that yes, there is water down thereKnowing that there is water down there, without even looking. Knowing something without knowing how or why we know it.

Something not learned. Something inherent. Something we all share, regardless of faith, nationality, orientation, identity, or age. Something so deep in us we forget it’s there. Automatic reflexes. Laughing. Crying. Sexuality. Flinching. Running away, or to. Fight. Flight. Survival. Intuition. Passion.

Instinct is not what makes us unique. Bears have instincts. Moths have instincts. Cormorants have instincts. What sets us apart is our ability to move outside of those instincts, to turn inward and look at them, to see and know them as constellations, as beacons, as magnets. Things that guide us, save us, pull us in or push us away.

Give us the subconscious. The action without thought. The blind faith. The I-have-a-bad-feeling-about-this. The inevitable. The wholly human.  The deep, primal, incomprehensible trust. Give us that instinct, however it plays out, consequences and logic be damned.


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